Team shelter for football fields

Team shelter for football fields are one of our flagship products. Being totally valid in sports clubs, multi-sports football fields or any other sports facility. In Anches Sports, we are dedicated to the manufacture and assembly of the same, from the factory to the place of destination

These team shelter Coade brand are usually made in 5 meters long (10 seats), 4 meters long (8 seats) or 1 meter (1 square for alternate arbitrator), although you may request a budget for other measures that adapt to your needs.

Our football benches are completely lasting, safe and resistang, made of steel profile and polycarbonate plates. Being closed both lateral, rear and top. They have the rubber floor, which isolate to the feet of the cold, and comfortable seats with backup for the substitute players.

Images provided by: Ayto. of Alguazas (Murcia), installed at C.F. San Lorenzo.

casetas-suplentes-futbolTeam Shelter


  1. Rafael Fernandez

    Solicito presupuesto de dos banquillos de 10 plazas, incluidos gastos de montaje y envio, para nuestro campo de futbol. Tambien me gustaria que nos dieran presupuesto con asiento corrido y con asientos individuales. Un saludo.

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