Protections for sports facilities

In Anches Sports we are manufacturers of custom protections for sports facilities such as protectors for columns, beams, metal posts or power lines, front walls, irrigation cannons, metal fences, as well as for basketball baskets or any other sports equipment .
In our online store we have protectors for the basketball baskets of our Coade brand, but we can adapt to the measures of your sports equipment.

The manufacture of each protection is done by hand, all having a fundamental base, plasticized PVC tarpaulin and padded material. Thanks to the plasticized canvas our protections can be used both inside and outside pavilions, being waterproof and resistant to rain. They are also very easy to clean and install.
On the other hand, thanks to its padded material, polyurethane foam, injuries will be avoided, damping bumps against metal, concrete or any object that could cause injuries.
Regarding the color of our protectors for sports facilities they are usually served in blue, although you can check availability in other colors.

With extensive experience in custom work in schools, sports clubs, soccer fields, sports halls, basketball courts, tennis courts ... we can advise and provide budget for the area you need to protect.
Most of our protections are easy to install, although if it is a larger work or we are required to install it, we have a budget assembly service.

We have different price rates according to your sector of activity. You can request a quote at +34 954 024 018 or


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