Divider curtains for pavilions

This time we want to show you our dividing curtains for pavilions. A great way to separate different environments in which to perform different sports, taking advantage of and making the available space more versatile and useful. This separating curtains are made to measure according to your needs and the characteristics of your sports hall or facility, and can vary both the height and the length of it.

Regarding the displacement system, the curtain can be manual by means of bearings or motorized with vertical elevation. You can also choose the color of the PVC coated polyester flame retardant ( blue, white, red, beige, green, yellow, orange ...). If necessary, you can also use the screen printing you request, such as the logo of your club, town hall, sports facility ...

We are dedicated to the manufacture as well as the installation and assembly of it. Assembly that will be made on the roof of the pavilion or by auxiliary structure manufactured by Anches Sports, so you should not worry about any aspect.

In these images we show you the manual dividing curtains installed in the Polideportivo Municipal de Almonte (Huelva). Each one has a measure of 9 x 28 meters and has an auxiliary structure. In this case they opted for polyester coated with flame retardant blue PVC.


Curtain Divide Manualcortina-divisoria-manual
Motorized Divider Curtaincortina-divisoria-motorizada


  1. deportes alcobendas

    Un post muy interesante sobre las cortinas para pabellones y la gran utilidad que presentan. Muchas gracias

  2. carmen

    Buenos dias . Necesitamos presupuesto para el suministro y colocacion de cortina separadora para el gimnasio de un colegio en Barcelona. Gracias

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