Ceiling baskets for pavilions
Ceiling baskets for pavilions
Ceiling baskets for pavilions
Ceiling baskets for pavilions

Ceiling baskets for pavilions

If you are seeking manufacturers and installers of baskets of basketball to the ceiling in this publication we show you some of our works.

Motorized roof baskets are a great choice for pavillions or sport covers, since we can raise them and use the track for different sports disciplines (tracks of handball, paddle tennis courts, badminton...)

Between our reference of Coade manufactured with materials of excellent quality, and under the existing regulations, we have mototubo, bitubo basketball baskets or structural, can raise through Control Panel or remote control to distance. Usually served with methacrylate boards and folding basketball hoops, although we will provide budget material they need. You can also choose the color of the basket that will be lacquered baked with epoxy paint.

Being manufacturers we will adapt to the structure of the pavilion or sports roof where they have to be installed, leaving the same completely safe for daily use in public facilities.

Images provided by: Ayto. of Bellreguard, installed in the Municipal Pavilion of Bellreguard, Valencia (model Mototubo lacquered in white, with methacrylate boards and protector of board.)

Single Stem Structure Basketbal Goals


Lattice Structure Basketball Goals


Multi-tube Ceiling-Mounted Basketball Backstops



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