Frequently asked questions about basketball hoops


What are the regulations for basketball hoops?

Basketball equipment (backboard, hoop, net and basketball basket) must comply with the UNE EN 1270 "Basketball equipment" standard.

Regarding the baskets, depending on the exit or free space from the basket pole to the backboard line, there are different categories:

  • Class C, with exit 1.65 m: Usually used in schools, basketball courts or outdoor or indoor training areas of pavilions.
  • Class B, with 2.25m outlet: Used in matches or competitions.
  • Class A, with 3.25m outlet: Used in matches or competitions.

As can be seen, the exit is greater in basketball hoops used in competitions, where the game is played at a higher speed and impacts with the hoop itself can cause greater damage.


What are the measurements of standard basketball backboards?

The official dimensions of basketball backboards are 1800 x 1050m.


How high does the basketball backboard have to be from the floor? 

The regulation measurement at which the lower part of the backboard must be placed above the floor is 2.90m.


How high must the hoop of a regulation basketball hoop be?

The top of the hoop must be at a height of 3.05m above the ground.


What features should I consider when purchasing a basketball hoop set for a sports facility?

When choosing a basketball hoop set, there are several important features to consider in order to make an informed decision. Here are some of the key features:

  • Material and durability: Look for baskets made of durable materials, such as steel, and with sturdy structures. They should be able to withstand heavy use, weather conditions and constant impacts from the ball.
  • Size and height: Make sure that the baskets comply with the regulation measurements.
  • Stability: They should stand firm during play, and it is important that they have shoulder straps to make them more stable. Look for models with a good anchoring base or with large counterweight drawers in the case of mobile models. 
  • Backboard height adjustment: If you want to adjust the height of the backboard for basketball and mini-basketball, choose a model that accepts the installation of such adapters. Make sure that this system is easy to use and safe.
  • Protection and safety: Pay attention to safety features such as padded guards around the pole and backboard to prevent injuries during play. Also make sure the edges are rounded.
  • Trust: It is essential to purchase such a product from a company that you trust, and provides good after-sales service. Look for reviews from other users.
  • Ease of installation: Choose a basket set that is easy to assemble. Check that the installation instructions are clear and that all the necessary components are included.
  • Regulatory compliance: Check that the baskets comply with the regulations and standards set by the relevant sports organisations.


What are the safety and maintenance considerations for keeping a basketball hoop in good condition?

The structure must always be anchored.

  • Do not climb on or misuse it.
  • Do not hang on the hoop.
  • Periodic checks should be carried out.


What are the recommended materials for basketball goals in sports facilities?

In sports facilities, it is essential to use durable and resistant materials to guarantee the safety of the players and prolong the useful life of the equipment. With regard to basketball goals, it is essential to have solid and compact structures, recommending the use of steel tubes. It is important to consider the diameter or measurements of the tube, as well as its thickness.

In addition, a key factor in terms of durability and lifespan of metal basketball hoops is to have a baked polyester powder coating finish. This treatment offers increased protection against corrosion and wear and tear.


Can I use the same baskets for basketball and mini-basketball by adjusting the height?

Yes, the most commonly used accessory is the basketball/minibasket adapters with which you can adapt the height of the basket for both disciplines, from 3.05 (basketball) to 2.60m (minibasket). 


What are the different types of basketball goals for sports courts?

We can differentiate between:

  • Fixed baskets.
  • Mobile baskets.
  • Baskets installed on the ceiling.
  • Wall mounted baskets.

You can get more information in each of the sections of our website.


Is it difficult to assemble a set of basketball hoops?

The assembly of a basketball hoop set can vary in difficulty depending on the type of hoop and the skill level of the assembler. In general, Coade references are supplied with detailed instructions and the necessary hardware for assembly.

It is essential that both competition and ceiling mounted baskets are assembled or installed by qualified personnel, preferably by the manufacturers of these models.


Are there additional options, such as accessories or guards, that can be added to the basketball hoop?

Yes, in addition to the different types of basketball nets, hoops and backboards, there are accessories to improve safety and the playing experience:

  • Protectors for backboards, for the bases, drawers, posts or for the structures of the baskets.
  • Other accessories: counterweight drawers, basketball/minibasket adapters...


What type of basketball hoops are ideal for basketball competitions or leagues?

As we mentioned before, the best models of competition baskets are those with a 3.25m or 2.25m outlet, i.e. class A and B. They are usually mobile and foldable, making them easy to store.



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