Sports Padding Protectors


Manufacturers both of custom-made protections for the sports facility itself and for the equipment of each sporting discipline. There is the possibility of personalising them with the club, council or school crest, as well as logos or advertising content.

These are the links to each of them:

For sports facilities (columns, walls of pavilions, screens, railings of sports fields, irrigation cannons...)

Basketball padding protectors for:

Football padding protectors for:

Volleyball padding protectors for:

Models suitable for Coade references, other options available by quotation. 


Depending on the model, the use and the area to be protected, it will have particular characteristics, although all of them have in common:

  • Made of padded material, resistant, safe, durable, easy to install and clean.
  • Manufactured in Spain by hand, it is made of foam rubber agglomerate and upholstered in plasticized PVC canvas.
  • Available colours: blue, yellow, red and green.
  • Coade brand.