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Athletics races

Not sure where to buy athletic racing equipment? Finding stores that have this type of equipment can be a difficult task. In our online store you can see a sample of the athletic equipment that we can provide on a budget. Among which we highlight our compensated or uncompensated racing fences, both are valid for fence jumping races, being height adjustable and IAAF certified.

We can also highlight our relay witnesses and school or competition starting blocks.

These materials are a classic both in physical education classes in schools and in school olympics, sports clubs or competitions. Being the relay and obstacle course one of the most practiced forms of this sport.

Being distributors of sports equipment we have a price rate for professionals in the sector, being totally valid material and at an excellent price for training, exercises and competitions in clubs, schools, pavilions or any other type of sports facilities.

As we mentioned, we will provide you with a personalized budget for all categories according to the needs of the athletes or club needs.

Anches Sports, athletics equipment store for the race. You can place your order both online and by phone.

Athletics racing equipment at the best price