Volleyball posts

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Sale of regulation volleyball posts for nets with adjustable net regulation system in seven heights, so they can be used for different age categories, from children to adults. At Anches Sports, we are manufacturers of our brand Coade aluminium and metal volleyball poles, both for training and for playing in games or competitions. We also have aluminium and metal beach volleyball posts with height adjustment upon request.

Our Coade’s references are manufactured according to EN1271 standards, suitable and regulation for sports facilities.

Depending on their use, in different locations or fixed to the floor, outdoor fields or at the beach by buried concrete foundation blocks, we have in-ground and freestanding or mobile models.

The retail price visible in our online shop (only available in Spain and Portugal) refers to the complete set for playing this sport, to which we would have to add the net and the set of ground sockets for in-ground models. And counterweights if they are freestanding.

Request us our price list of sports equipment for distributors and professionals in the industry.

Depending on the model, they can be used for competitions, schools, sports clubs, sports centres either in sports halls or outdoor courts or any other sports facility.

Anches Sports, manufacturers with online shop. International shipping upon request.


Metal / Aluminum Volleyball Posts

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