Badminton posts

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Manufacturers of regulation badminton posts for nets of our brand Coade for badminton nets, keeping the net at the official height by regulation. In our online shop we have several models: freestanding or mobile, aluminium or metallic, with and without counterweights, depending on the use that will be given to them (competition, training, sports clubs, schools, sports halls or any another sports facility).

Suitable for outdoors and indoors, thanks to the finish and quality of the materials that compose them.

The sets of freestanding badminton posts have counterweights to prevent them from tipping over and causing any damage once the net has been placed on them, allowing to play in training sessions and matches or competitions  (except for the most basic model, which is the most used for physical education classes in schools, in which case this counterweight will be optional).

In addition to sports equipment for courts and fields on our website, we also have multiple accessories to play this sport. As manufacturers and distributors, we will provide you with a personalized quotation with those items not visible on this website.

Available price list for professional distributors.

Anches Sports, manufacturers of regulation sports equipment for sports courts, pitches and tracks. Our facilities are located in Écija (Seville) but we ship worldwide by express carriers.


Aluminium/ Steel Posts

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