Tennis Material

You will find everything in accessories to play this sport, training equipment for tennis, as well as accessories for tennis courts in this and in other sections of our online store.

Regarding sports facilities: nets for tennis poles, bottom protection nets, benches, judge chairs, electronic sports markers, costume benches.
Regarding the practice and training of this sport: rackets, overgrips, balls, pick up balls, baskets, paleteros, agility stairs, cones ...
Also available for competitions or awards: podium, trophies and medals.

You can complete your sports facilities or practice this sport with the references that appear on our website. If you do not locate the items you are looking for in our online store we will provide you with a quote and images of it.

We also have paddle blades for both children and adults, as well as nets for paddle posts and other material for paddle tennis courts or other equipment necessary for sports clubs, sports centers ...

Special discounts available for distributors in the sector.
Online store with sale to all audiences, shipping through transport agency (Madrid, Toledo, Guadalajara, Ávila, Segovia, Palencia, León, Huesca, Tarragona, Valencia, Málaga ...)

In this category you will find brands such as: Coade, Wilson, Slazenger ...
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Accessories for Tennis and Paddle courts