Accessories for Tennis Courts and Matches

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You will find all accessories for playing tennis, tennis training equipment, as well as accessories for tennis matches, everything in this category and in other sections of our online shop.

Regarding their use in sports facilities: nets for tennis posts, ball stop netting, benches, referee and umpires’ chairs, electronic scoreboards, changing room benches.
Concerning playing and training this sport: rackets, overgrips, balls, ball tubes, ball trolleys, racket packs, agility ladders, cones...
Also available for competitions or awards: podium, trophies and medals.

You can complete your sports facilities or play this sport with the references shown on our website. If you cannot find the items you are looking for in our online store, we will provide you a quotation and pictures of them.

We also have padel rackets for both children and adults, as well as nets for padel posts and a great range of equipment for tennis courts or other equipment essential for sports clubs, sports centres...

Special discounts available for distributors in the sport industry.
Retail sale online shop, international shipping by express carrier upon request. 

Anches Sports, company dedicated to the manufacture, distribution and installation of equipment for sports facilities.

Tennis and Padel Nets

Below we show you the most commonly used nets for playing tennis or padel in sport courts. Such as the simple 3mm nets commonly used in training sessions and matches or the 4mm competition nets, all of them with official dimensions of 12.80 m long x 1.07 m high for tennis or 10 m long x 0.92 m high for padel. Other models available upon request.

Tennis Rackets 

In our online store you will find different models for your training sessions, matches or gifts. All at a great price for both children and adults.
When choosing a tennis racket, we will have to take into account some factors such as weight, head size, length, the number of horizontal and vertical ropes available, balance or stiffness .

As with padel rackets, we will have to take into account whether it will be used for a beginner or an advanced player.
Materials: aluminium, graphite, fiberglass, carbon...
You can request other available models not visible on our website, according to the characteristics requested.


Tennis Accessories

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