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Manufacturers of regulatory metal paddle poles of the Coade brand, leaving the net at the official height. Set of posts for fixed or removable paddle tennis courts to fix the pavement by means of boats or anchors to the concrete of the track. Being manufacturers of material for sports facilities we can change their color (green, blue, white, red, orange or any other color).

Valid for exterior and interior of sports facilities. The quality of its materials, its finish and design make them totally durable and resistant for daily use.

In Anches Sports, online store, we have different paddle nets, the most sold or the most commonly used, although we also have other models not visible on the web but that we will offer you on a budget.

Available price rate for professionals in the sector, according to activity sector (sports clubs, town halls, sports centers, schools, distributors of sports equipment ...). And free shipping according to conditions set in our online store.

We are also distributors of regulatory paddle courts, as well as artificial turf for sports courts, markings, metal structures, crystals, and other parts that make up the same. Both separately and including assembly or installation at national and international level under budget.


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Posts for Professional Paddle Tennis Courts