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One field to practice many sports. Perfect for any type of sports facilities, city council, schools or parks.
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Tracks Multisports

We installed this multijuegos track specially prepared for practicing football, basketball, tennis, handball, volleyball, badminton, Brazilian football, soccer, hockey, etc. Of different sizes and qualities it fits neatly into multiple spaces in your facility as versatile proposal to all users. The most versatile tracks the market.
Multijuegos: Head for mutitud sports on artificial turf. You can practice: Aerobics, skating, netball, football, basketball, gymnastics, tennis, badminton, volleyball, football, handball, athletics, hockey ...
HPL boards - With a height of 90 cm, provide high resistance to heat, wear and impact. - Excellent performance against noise caused by the ball. - Resistant surface organic solvents. - Wide range of colors. Metallic Accessories Accessories in steel tube of circular cross section joining the poles to the base, providing greater rigidity. All connecting elements and fasteners are treated to Zink. Structure and steel handrail High strength steel, subjected to treatment cleaning, degreasing and powder coating developed for installed outdoors objects. Securing all times of the game. Artificial Turf F 12/46 appropriate and specific to the practice of multiple sports features. Fibres 12mm in height and 46,000 m2 stitches.
We adapt to any extent in width and length. With a total height less than 4 meters. Total flexibility.
Football X-Tress: Tress is the most innovative and original sports court for football three on three, football derivative 7 in a small space delimited by a facing glass supported by steel studs in which the ball can bounce facilitating fast game. Ideal for installation in parks, housing estates, parks, schools, hotels and schools football in any small space you want profitable for sport and fun. It is a space to be used without age limits.
Track: The playing area is a rectangle of 10 m. wide by 20 m. long (inside measurements). This rectangle is divided in half by a line through the field. Parallel to the lines of funds at a distance of 2.5 m. are the lines delimiting the goal area. It has two goals and a central access as well as a number of auxiliary accessories. The playing surface: The surface of the track can be sports flooring coatings on asphalt or concrete, System Composan Compograss Sportlife or artificial turf. Available sizes: - 8x16 m. - 10x20 m.
Rules: - It is played with a soccer ball room. - Two teams, each composed of 3 players. - The two-time game lasts 15 minutes with a 10 minute break. - The serves are made from the left side corner of each area. - The ball has to keep moving and delivered to the adversary as the network reaches. - The opposing team can not invade the area of the opposing goal. - Fair play and respect for the opposing team.

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