Indoor soccer goals

The PVP of the futsal / handball goals includes the set of two units.

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Online store dedicated to the sale of futsal goals with official measures of aluminum or metal, regulatory according to current regulations, totally safe and resistant for sports facilities. We have both portable or mobile handball or folding, folding / folding handball, beach or fixed handball goals, with anchoring system or roll-over by means of clamps. Safe for private or public use with children in schools, parks, clubs, sports centers, pavilions, as well as in competition with adults or professional use.

Valid for both indoor and outdoor, due to its termination with epoxy paint and its galvanized accessories.
Its materials, finish and design make Coade brand references robust, resistant and durable.

Being manufacturers of sports equipment there is the possibility of choosing the colors that form it, as they best adapt to the rest of the sports equipment in the field, colors of the team or sports facility. (With white and blue, white and red, green stripes ...) or of a single color (gray, orange, yellow ...)

Our top sales are the aluminum futsal goals with regulatory measures of 3 x 2 meters according to EN 749: 2004. Made of 80 x 80 aluminum profile, with a groove for the incorporation of hooks for securing the net, floor base and arches for the correct fastening of the net.

We also have our vandal-resistant handball model with a metal net made of metalwork or metal arches in one piece, in which case each goal is shipped mounted by direct trailer. We also have a goal with a basket at the top, which can be the vandal-proof panel and net or with a polyester board.

Consult price list for professionals (distributors of sports equipment, construction companies, event companies, town halls, clubs or schools).

Anches Sports, manufacturers of football goalkeepers regulatory or for professional use, all the sports equipment for your field or facilities you will find in our online store. Sale to all audiences and deliveries in all populations: Seville, Murcia, Guadalajara, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Valencia, Valladolid, Zamora, Pontevedra, Asturias, Canary Islands ...

PVP: Includes set of two units.


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