Accessories for Basketball Hoops

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Although most of the accessories for basketball hoops and backstops are made for our references Coade, as sport equipment manufacturers, we will adapt our products to your needs.

In our online shop we have padding protectors for basketball hoops, nets, counterweights to prevent them from tipping over, anchor base systems and basketball / mini-basketball height adjusters, among others. These height adjusters will allow us to play basketball and mini-basket at the same time in the same court. 

As you can see in our section "Projects" we are manufacturers of custom-made padding protectors, made of foam rubber and plasticized canvas. Among the products in our catalogue, you can find padding protectors for the base of the hoop, either in-ground or portable, for the post or central structure, as well as for basketball and mini-basketball backboards. With them, we will get safer hoops, destined for any use in schools, sports halls or any other sports facility.

Although in this category only the most sold or usual set of nets are shown, we have a wide range of references that we can serve you according to the specifications requested.

A fundamental part that every hoop must have is a sturdy and robust anchor base system fixed to the pavement, or counterweights to avoid accidents and damages. Specifically, you can find the set of anchor systems included in the CBK-3010 and CBK-3071 models, and counterweights for the portable ones (not included). 

If you do not locate the accessories or complements you need on our website, do not hesitate to contact us, we will provide you a quotation with the equipment you are looking for.

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Basketball Backstops Accessories

Basketball Hoops Accessories | Nets, rims, padding protectors