Basketball boards

The PVP of the basket and minibasket boards includes a set of two boards, rings and nets.

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Professional basketball boards manufactured in Spain with regulatory measures for professional metal basketball baskets, in schools, pavilions, sports centers or any other sports facility. Available indoor and outdoor basketball boards made of polyester and methacrylate in different thicknesses.

As manufacturers, we can provide you with these regulatory boards with or without holes, adapted for our basketball hoops.

Available according to material:
Polyester: It is the most requested option in schools or in sports centers, suitable for exterior and interior. Fully resistant in white polyester with black vinyl.
Methacrylate: available according to its thickness in 10, 15 and 20mm. Transparent methacrylate of great quality and totally durable. They are usually used for baskets that are inside a hall, roof or competition baskets, although they can be used for any other use both indoors and outdoors, in any type of basket.
Vandal-proof: Made of perforated sheet, perfect for basketball courts that are outdoors with little vigilance.

The regulatory measure of the basketball board is 1800 x 1050mm, depending on its shape it can be:
Rectangular: It is the most requested and conventional model.
Oval: Known as an American board, making the rounded shape at the top.

See our price list for professionals.

Minibasket boards

In our online store you can find outdoor and indoor minibasket boards made of polyester with an oval and rectangular shape, with the regulatory measures of 1200 x 900mm. You can request a quote about other options.

These and other accessories or accessories for baskets available on our website.

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