Mini-basketball Hoops for Sports Facilities

The retail price of our mini-basketball hoops includes the set of two units.

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This type of hoop is usually installed in schools or education centres where children at an early start playing this sport. Highly demanded for physical education classes.

In Anches Sports we are manufacturers and exporters of metal mini-basketball hoops of our brand Coade, suitable for indoor or outdoor sport halls, schools, clubs, sports centres or any other sports facility. Made of 80 x 80mm metal tube, they are totally safe and durable.

As manufacturers, we can provide different models not visible in our online store, so you can buy both in-ground mini-basketball hoops to be anchored in the concrete pavement and portable or mobile ones by wheels.

We also have basketball / mini-basket height adjuster for basketball hoops, which will allow you to have the same court for both disciplines and being used by children and adults.

We offer the possibility of supplying these products in the colour that you need and which best suits to your facilities, as well as backboards, rims, nets, counterweights, padding protectors with which we will get safer facilities or other accessories.

Retail price: Includes two units.

Distributor’s price list available, take advantage of our free shipping in the Spanish peninsula. International sales and shipping upon request.


Minibasketball Backstops

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