Official Football 7 Goal

The PVP of our soccer goals 7 includes the set of two units.

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Soccer goal set 7 regulations made of aluminum with official measures, in an oval section tube of 120 x 100mm. In our online store we have a sales rate for professionals (distributors, clubs, town halls, schools ...). We are manufacturers of professional football goals of soccer seven totally resistant and durable, under current regulations, for public or private use, in competitions, sports clubs or in schools.

Soccer 7 goals of aluminum:

Fixed: Anchored to the pavement by means of boxes (available in our category "Accessories").

Mobile: Movable across the field, by several people or with the help of our impinchable wheels.

Folding: They can be folded, staying outside the field and being able to use it for various sports activities.

What regulations must they comply to be regulatory?

As manufacturers of the Coade brand, they are manufactured according to EN 748: 2004, this standard regulates the necessary specifications that such regulatory goals must have for soccer fields 7. Among them, a very questioned and basic element is the internal measurements of each goal that must be 6 x 2 meters. In addition, our references are made of 120 x 100 mm oval section aluminum, which gives added value, to which we must add the quality of both its materials and its finish and design. Giving it great strength and durability.

What accessories can be included in the goals for 7 Coade football fields?

Both football goals 7 foldable and mobile or transferable are served complete, you only have to add the game of networks for this discipline. Regarding the fixed goals there are several possibilities, the goal frame can include the boxes for proper anchoring, the floor base so that the balls do not escape below the net, and you can choose between arches or posts for the network tension, and finally the network game for them.

All our Coade brand goals are served with the necessary hooks to hold the net.

We also inform you that if you want to buy 8 soccer goals for your sports facilities, those in this category of our online store will be valid, since they must have some internal measures of 6 x 2 meters.

Shipping included in orders over € 242 throughout the peninsula of Spain such as Pontevedra, Lugo, Asturias, Navarra, Lleida, Teruel, Guadalajara, Zamora, Avila ... so they would be sent with "free shipping", free of charge Of transport. Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla under quotation.
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