Psychomotor Activities Material

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Why do psychomotor activities?

Stimulating children at an early age with respect to this subject has numerous advantages, such as: they become aware and improve their own body control, improve learning, memory, concentration, trust and social relationship with other children, among other aspects

Therefore, we believe that having this category in our online store is essential. If you want to buy material for occupational therapy or create a psychomotor circuit for children with whom they learn playing, in our online store of sports equipment you will find everything you need. Among which you can find figures, ball pools or foam rubber modules, as well as hoops, ropes, pikes, parachutes or any other element for stimulation and learning in children. Having other psychomotor products not visible on this website

Sale to schools, schools, kindergartens, ball parks, distributors or individuals to use at home. Company with different price rates according to activity sector.

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Psychomotricity Modules

Among our stimulation and learning material with children we can highlight the foam rubber psychomotor modules covered with leathers such as ball pools for children of different sizes and shapes made in Spain, as well as stairs, ramps, squares, rectangles, seats, plinton , arcs or other psychomotor blocks.

Perfect for both ball pools in bars, leisure centers, recreational use, nurseries, schools and home. It will be a great idea to stimulate psychomotor development and to learn by playing.

Blocks made of 20kg density polyurethane foam and upholstered in leatherette, easy to clean and durable.
Consult special sizes, shapes and colors of other figures on budget.

Sports equipment distribution company for all types of facilities with online store and sale to all audiences.



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