Pool material

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If you are looking for equipment to complete your sports facilities or sports center we will provide you with a budget for the pool equipment you need. In addition to the one shown in this category: corcheras, lifeguard chairs, lifeguards, changing and non-slip flooring, exit floats, water polo markers and water and ambient temperature indicators, corchera collectors, exit podium ... we can serve you Other types of elements.

We also have sports equipment for swimming pools such as hats, dumbbells, anklets and wristbands for aquafitness, floating tapestries, aquastep, games for children ...

Accessories for both public and private pools, as well as for changing rooms of sports facilities. Meet our costume benches for pools or gyms Coade brand.

Distributors of sports equipment for indoor and outdoor swimming pool facilities, with online store. Shipments by transport company Portugal and Spain: Valencia, Seville, Madrid, Guadalajara, Ciudad Real, Zaragoza, Burgos, Segovia, Toledo, Albacete, Salamanca, Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Barcelona ... and international under quotation.


Swimming Pool Accessories

Pool Equipment | Equipment for Swimming Pool Facilities