Hockey Equipment

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Sports equipment distributors and exporters, you can buy equipment to play hockey for trainings and matches, with both children and adults. Made for clubs, schools, leisure and entertainment activities organizers, city councils… with special discounts for distributors and professionals in the industry.

We can highlight the following references: plastic or wooden hockey stick, pucks, sticks, training goals or for children (multipurpose) ... As distributors, we can provide you with a quotation for other options.

We are manufacturers of sports equipment and sporting goods, so we can offer you professional hockey goals for the different variants of this sport. Please request us stock availability of our hockey equipment for the different variants: field, ice, roller, indoor and underwater.

International purchases and shipping upon request to any destination.

Playing this sport is becoming more and more widespread in schools or in extracurricular activities with children and adults, where teamwork is encouraged. So, having this type of equipment will be a good option. We provide personalised advice to make the purchasing process easier and more comfortable.

Do not miss out on our sticks and goals at an irresistible price!



Buy Hockey Equipment and Accessories: Roller, field, indoor,