Pool tables, Table football and Air Hockey tables

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In our online store there is also space for leisure, so in this section you can find:

Pool tables: for children and adults for domestic use. The references you will find in this section are for use at home unless otherwise indicated. Being a great idea to use at home with family or friends or as a gift idea. There are different ranges or qualities and measures in them. Highly demandable are the pool tables with transformable cover, which can be used to play pool and to use as a conventional table.

We also have other models for recreational use that can be used in bars, clubs, game rooms or clubs.

Also available as accessories tacos and balls for American billiards and carambola ...

Table football: You will be able to locate everything from table football for children to table football with purses to use in recreational rooms, bars or similar. Within the range for children, there are folding models (will occupy less space once folded) to wooden table football, as well as other models to play at home not visible on this website. Available on budget.

Air hockey tables: It is undoubtedly one of the funniest options. Used to see them in recreational rooms now we can also have one of them at home. Available in this online store of models for children and adults. All of them with electric air system and manual or electronic marker.

Top sales as gifts for birthdays, communions and kings. These and other products for sports lovers available in our online store.
You can check the delivery time, as well as any other questions or queries, or availability of other models by phone at +34 954 024 018 or at the email address: [email protected]


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