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Sale of professional handball scoreboards for sports fields in clubs, pavilions, sports centers or any other sports facility. Electric handball scoreboards fixed to the wall or to be installed on a metal column. This type of electronic scoreboard has a multisports program so it can be used for other sports (football,. They also have as an example display of scores, timer, game period, team fouls, penalties, ball possession and timeouts.

We can choose between the measures that best suit the needs of our facilities in terms of readability, as well as if we want to customize the name of the crazy team and the visitor, etc.

These electric sports models with LED technology have the highest quality for professional sports fields or facilities.

As distributors you can consult the budget of other available models, as well as our price list for professionals in the sports world.

Baseball scoreboards

In this category of our online store we have a sample of professional baseball electronic scoreboards. Although you can request a quote from other models according to the characteristics they need.

Regarding these models, we can highlight the visualization of the "INN", "OUT" and "STRIKE" scores, as well as their measurements so that it is visible throughout the field.

Although the practice of this sport is not as widespread as in other countries, it has more and more followers. And this type of element is requested more for professional sports facilities.


Handball / Baseball scoreboard

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