Athletics Material

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Shop athletics equipment with quality products, available references with IAAF certificate at a good price. In our online store we have equipment and material for the practice of this sport, both training and competition at the best price. Check our pricing rates for professionals, clubs, sports centers and individuals.

Within this material we can find different sports disciplines:

- High jump: mats, jumpometers, slats and ropes.
- Career: fences, witnesses and relays.
- Launch: balls or weights, javelins, discs and hammers.

Being distributors, we can provide you with any product you do not find on our website.
Specialists in sports equipment we will provide everything you need for your facilities: pavements, bottom protection nets, benches, changing room benches ...
If you don't know where to buy athletic items for children or adults, this is your online store.

Athletics Mats

Check our category of custom high jump mats for gyms, climbing walls, athletic clubs or any other sports facility.
Made of plasticized canvas and polyurethane foam, with or without an air chamber.
Consult price for professionals, as well as measures and densities available, according to their usefulness. Like any other sports equipment or equipment that is not located in our online store.

High jump material

Not sure where to buy high jump material? In our online store we have athletic mats, saltometers, poles, ropes with counterweights and other materials not visible on our website, but which we can serve you and provide you with a budget without obligation.

All our equipment is totally safe and resistant to use with both categories with children and adults in athletics clubs, pavilions, sports centers, schools or any other sports facility.

We manufacture high jump mats, so we can manufacture the mat you want.

In Anches Sports, we are specialists in sports facilities, we will provide you with a quote for the equipment you need for sports courts.

Company dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of sports equipment with online store. Delivery throughout Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Seville, Almeria, Murcia, Valencia, Cáceres, Navarra, Huelva, Alicante, Badajoz, Guadalajara, Toledo, Ciudad Real, Salamanca, Canarias islands...).


The first contact with this type of tests is usually carried out in schools and in the Olympics that sports centers usually organize

Athletics races

Not sure where to buy athletic racing equipment? Finding stores that have this type of equipment can be a difficult task. In our online store you can see a sample of the athletic equipment that we can provide on a budget. Among which we highlight our compensated or uncompensated racing fences, both are valid for fence jumping races, being height adjustable and IAAF certified.

We can also highlight our relay witnesses and school or competition starting blocks.

These materials are a classic both in physical education classes in schools and in school olympics, sports clubs or competitions. Being the relay and obstacle course one of the most practiced forms of this sport.

Being distributors of sports equipment we have a price rate for professionals in the sector, being totally valid material and at an excellent price for training, exercises and competitions in clubs, schools, pavilions or any other type of sports facilities.

As we mentioned, we will provide you with a personalized budget for all categories according to the needs of the athletes or club needs.

Anches Sports, athletics equipment store for the race. You can place your order both online and by phone.

Athletics material for throw

What are the athletic pitching tests? Bullet throwing or weight balls, javelin throwing, hammer throwing and disc throwing.

In our online store we have athletic equipment for throw with IAAF certificate and training without such certification.

Among the material in this category we have weight balls (5, 6, 7.26kg ....), discs (1, 1.5, 2kg), javelins (400, 500, 600, 700 and 800gr) and hammers (5, 6, 7.26kg ...) for all ages and genders according to each category (boys, girls, women and men). With availability of other references under budget, not visible on this website.

These references may be used for competitions or for training in sports clubs, schools, sports centers or any other sports facility. About doubts or queries we will inform you by phone or by email.

In physical sports stores it is usually difficult to find this type of material for throw at a good price and with good quality, so you can place your order by phone or through our website and we will send it to any point in Spain (Barcelona, Madrid, Toledo, Valencia, Caceres, Ourense, Pontevedra, Guadalajara, Malaga or another city of the Spanish peninsula.You can request a quote for said shipment to the Balearic Islands or the Canary Islands.)

Being distributors of sports equipment we have different price rates for professionals according to the sector of activity.

If you want to buy regulatory sports equipment with the best quality and price this is your online store.

Material for athletic events

In addition to all the competition athletics material as training, or the equipment for athletic facilities that you can find in different sections of our website. In this category we have some accessories or accessories, such as a podium for the delivery of medals, a car to carry mats or a measuring tape.

Being a sample of the materials that we can offer you.

In addition to sports equipment, we also have all the necessary materials for sporting events: races, olympics or competitions such as medals, trophies, cups, recognition plates, screen printed shirts, merchandising, megaphones, inflatable goal arches ...

Although our facilities are located in Écija (Seville), we ship to anywhere in Spain (Madrid, Valencia, Alicante, Málaga, Badajoz, Toledo, Ciudad Real, Soria, Segovia, Avila, Zaragoza, Navarra, Guadalajara, Gerona, Canarias Islands...)

Anches Sports, specialists in material for sporting events.



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