Athletics Equipment

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Athletics equipment retail distributors with quality products, available references with IAAF certificate at a good price. In our online shop, we have equipment and accessories to play this sport, made for training and competitions at the best price. Request our price list for professionals, clubs, sports centres and individuals.

Within this equipment, we can find different sporting disciplines:

- High jump: mats, uprights, crossbars and ropes.
- Running: hurdles, batons (relays).
- Shot Put: iron cast shot puts, javelins, discus and hammers.

As distributors, we can provide you with any product you do not find on our website.
Specialists in sports equipment for clubs, sports centres…, we will provide everything you need for your facilities: flooring, ball stop netting, team shelters, changing room benches ...
If you don't know where to buy athletics equipment for children or adults, this is your online shop.

Athletics Mats

Check our category of custom-made high jump landing areas for gyms, climbing walls, athletic clubs or any other sports facility.
Made of plasticized cover and polyurethane foam, with or without an air chamber.
Request us prices for professionals, as well as dimensions and densities available, according to their usefulness. Like any other sports equipment or goods not visible on this website.

High Jump Equipment

Not sure where to buy high jump equipment? We have athletic mats or landing areas, uprights, crossbars, ropes with counterweights and much more equipment not visible on our website that we can serve you and provide you upon request without obligation.

All our equipment is totally safe and durable to use with children and adults’ categories in athletics clubs, sports halls, sports centres, schools or any other sports facility.

We manufacture high jump mats, so we can make them to measure according to your needs.

In Anches Sports, we are specialists in sports facilities, we will provide you with a quotation for the equipment you need for sports courts.

Company dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of sports equipment with online shop. International shipping upon request. 


The first contact with this type of sport disciplines usually takes place in schools and Olympics organised by sports clubs in sports complexes. The next step is to improve it or take it to a more professional level in athletics clubs.

Athletics races

Not sure where to buy athletic racing equipment? Finding shops that have this type of equipment can be a difficult task. In our online shop you can see a sample of the athletics equipment that we can provide on request. Among which we highlight our compensated or uncompensated racing hurdles, both suitable for hurdle races, being height adjustable and IAAF certified.

We can also highlight our relays batons and school or competition starting blocks.

This equipment is a must for physical education classes in schools, school Olympics, sports clubs or competitions, being relay and obstacle course two of the most popular sports.

As distributors of sports equipment, we have prices adapted to professionals in the sport industry, totally suitable and at an excellent price for training, workouts and competitions in clubs, schools, sports halls or any other type of sports facilities.

As we mentioned, we will provide you with a personalised quote for all categories according to the needs of the athletes or club.

Anches Sports, athletics track and field equipment distributors and exporters.

Athletics Throwing Equipment

What are the different throwing events in athletics? Shot put, javelin throwing, hammer throwing and discus throwing.

In our online shop we have athletics throwing equipment with IAAF certificate and to train without such certification.

Among the equipment located in this category, we have shop puts (5, 6, 7.26kg ....), discus (1, 1.5, 2kg), javelins (400, 500, 600, 700 and 800gr) and hammers (5, 6, 7.26kg ...) for all ages and genders according to each category (boys, girls, women and men). Other references availability upon request, not visible on this website.

These references may be used for competitions or training sessions in sports clubs, schools, sports centres or any other sports facility. In case of any questions or queries, we will be happy to answer them by telephone or e-mail.

Normally, it is difficult to find this type of throwing equipment at a good price and with good quality, so you can place your order and we will send it to your destination. International shipping upon request. 

As distributors of sports equipment, we have different price lists for professionals according to your activity and industry.

If you want to buy regulation sports equipment with the best quality and prices.

Athletic Events Equipment

In addition to all the competition athletics equipment and training, or the equipment for athletics facilities that you can find in different sections of our website, in this category we have some accessories, such as a podium for medal moments, a trolley to carry mats or a measuring tape. These are only some samples of what we can offer.

In addition to sports equipment, we also have all the required equipment for sporting events: races, Olympics or competitions such as medals, trophies, cups, recognition plates, screen printed shirts, merchandising, megaphones, inflatable arches ...

Although our facilities are located in Écija (Seville), we ship worldwide.

Anches Sports, equipment specialists for sporting events.



Athletics Equipment: landing area, races, high jump, throwing