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8% discount on scoreboards for racket sports.

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There are many tracks without this type of product, but if they are used for games, competitions or more professional use, you can complete your sports installations with one of our scoreboards for tennis courts of the Stramatel brand (without or with name) of programmable players, with radio control console, ball possession indicator, score ...). When choosing the sports marker that best suits your sports installations, you must take into account its measurements, as well as legibility and digit size. We have a wide catalog of references for racket sports for professional use in this category. Although we can provide you with the price of other models on a budget.

We are also distributors of electronic scoreboards for table tennis or ping pong, badminton and Basque ball, as well as for other sports disciplines.
Manufactured with LED technology, if you want to buy quality, these references will be a good option.
Distributors with online sports equipment store, and sale to all audiences. Price rate according to activity sector.


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