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What is a multisport scorebaords?

Multisports scorebaords are multisport scoreboards, that is, they can be used for several sports at once (basketball, handball, volleyball, hockey, tennis. On request, tennis can be substituted for another sport: ping pong, badminton, futsal. ..) So you can use a single scorebaord in the pavilion or sports installations for several sports at once.

All our models of both the Stramatel and Nova Timming brand are professional multisports electronic scoreboards for sports installations in sports clubs, pavilions, sports centers, gyms ...

Most of these models are for hanging the wall, a column or a metal structure, although there are also portable models, which you can take from one installation to another for different parties or competitions.

As distributors we have a wide catalog of multisport references, being able to choose from a wide variety of options (console with radio control, name of programmable equipment, scores, timer, match period, equipment failures, times of wait, penalties, possession, number of players ...) and measures (both large and smaller) when making your purchase.

On a professional level, large screens are used, as well as indicating the name of the teams, which have high visibility or FIBA ​​models in case of basketball, among other options. Although we will provide you with a budget according to the needs of your sports installations.

Sale of multisport scoreboards of the Stramatel and Nova Timming brand for professional sports installations (basketball courts, handball or futsal fields, badminton, hockey, volleyball ...).


Multisport Scoreboards

Professional Multisport Electronic Scoreboards