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At Anches Sports, we are dedicated to the sale and distribution of sports electronic scoreboards for sports halls, fields and courts, that is, any type of sports facilities.

We are official distributors of the brand Stramatel and Nova Timming, finding us at the moment in the category of electronic scoreboards Nova Timming, with LED technology. This will be a quality option at a great price for sports facilities.

Whether you contact us from a construction company, distributors of sports equipment, sports equipment store, or a sports club, town hall or gym, we will provide you with a personalized budget according to the needs of where you are going to install and price list according to the sector of activity. Offering personalized guidance at all times.

We ship both national (Seville, Malaga, Almeria, Badajoz, Murcia, Toledo, Guadalajara, Madrid, Alicante, Soria, Barcelona, ​​Tarragona, Asturias, Pontevedra, Balearic Islands, Canary Islands ...) and international.

It should be noted that we have specialized technicians who can inform you of any doubts once they have your scoreboard.

Multisport Electronic Scorebaods

Distributors of multisport electronic scoreboards of the Nova Timming brand. This brand offers us a great quality / price ratio. The quality of its components and the completion of its materials make them a great idea for professional sports installations, whether for sports clubs (soccer fields, handball, volleyball, badminton, basketball courts, tennis courts ...), pavilions, sports centers ..

These multisport electronic scorebaords feature LED technology, they are also programmable in five languages ​​according to international standards, in addition to many other options available depending on the type of electronic sports scoreboard and the visibility of its digits.

Football Sports Scoreboard

In every football field it is necessary to have a scoreboard that shows the goals or scores of the match, regardless of the category of the club. In this category, without leaving quality, we have digital football scorebaords of the Nova Timming brand, perfect for clubs that want to buy a quality electronic scoreboard. Being cheaper scorebaords than those of the Stramatel brand will be perfect for sports clubs to install in outdoor fields with a good visualization. In them you can see the score of the game with "local" and "visitor."

All of them work by radio control, with a keyboard with screen where you can go including the results of the game in an easy and comfortable way.

The models available in our online store can be installed on a wall or structure. If you want to buy a digital scoreboard for your sports facilities with great quality and price, some of these options will be a good idea.

Professional options for professional sports facilities. You can consult other models with LED technology at +34 954 024 018 or at [email protected].

Anches Sports distributor of Nova Timming.


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