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8% discount on Stramatel sports scoreboards.

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Sale of sports electronic scoreboards for sports facilities. In our online store you will find a wide variety of electronic scoreboards for football, basketball, multisport, tennis, paddle, handball, baseball, weightlifting, ice hockey or martial arts such as karate or taekwondo, among other sports.

At Anches Sports we are official distributors of the French brand of Stramatel scoreboards, specializing in electronic scoreboards for professional use with LED technology. This brand has a variety of measures and options (wall or laptop, may show the name of the teams and players, equipment failures, waiting time ....).

These sports digital scoreboards feature radio control console. If it is on the wall they have a separate console and if it is portable, a console for its programming is included in the back of the wall.

In this section of our website you will only find references of the Stramatel brand, indicated for professional use, such as sports clubs, pavilions or facilities that look for a superb quality and finishes. 

At the time of choosing a scoreboard we will have to take into account the measurements of the field or playing track and the distance at which it will be installed. As well as the utility that is going to give or the necessities that our club or sport installation requires. In our online store in each of the references the distance and legibility angle is shown, information that will be of great help to be able to scoreboard such a decision.

We do not show the price of our sports electronic indicators and scoreboards, since we provide personalized budget according to the sector of activity, destination and needs of our customers. As we can provide you with a budget of other options not visible on our website. Call us we will inform you without obligation!


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