Badminton Equipment

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If you want to buy regulation badminton equipment for courts to be used in competitions, physical education classes or training sessions, in our sports equipment online store you will find metal and aluminium badminton posts manufactured in compliance with the current regulations. As well as rackets, shuttlecocks or sports equipment (benches, dividing curtains, ball stop netting, changing room benches, electronic scoreboards ...)

In Anches Sports, we are manufacturers of sports equipment of our brand Coade for sports facilities, specialists in tracks, courts or fields for sports clubs, schools, sports halls, gyms of educational centres...

Available price list for professional distributors in the sector.

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Playing this sport has experienced an important boom in recent years, but it is nevertheless one of the classic sports in physical education classes in schools. Its racket is less heavy than the tennis ones and can be played in a fun way without needing large spaces or facilities. It will be a good way to play aerobic sports in a fun way.



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