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Sale of sports floors throughout Spain (Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Valencia, Murcia, Malaga, Navarra, Asturias, Zaragoza ...) Distributors of sports equipment, among which we have a wide range of floors or pavements for sports courts. On our website you will find a brushstroke of the different models of floors or pavements available. Therefore, we will provide you with a budget according to the characteristics of the material you indicate.

Among our sports floors we can highlight:

Removable puzzle tatamis: Perfect floors for martial arts training, gymnastics rooms, multipurpose or play with children.

Rubber pavement rolls: Its most common use is in the area of ​​fitness, weights or any other type of weight training.

Athletics track flooring: It will vary according to the number of athletic lanes you need in your sports or sports facilities.

Pavements for pavilions and gyms: Sports pavements for pavilions and gyms installed using PVC and Linoleums. Check availability of other options. It will be installed according to the tracks, divisions or decoration that you indicate.

Bike lanes: Its use is increasingly widespread in cities. You can choose the color of these lanes.

Artificial grass: For both tennis or paddle tennis courts, soccer fields or any other sports discipline. Different qualities and colors available.

Pavements for tennis courts: Both artificial grass as indicated in the previous point, such as clay, porous concrete or synthetic resin.

Multi-sport court flooring: You can use the same track for several sports (futsal, handball, basketball, minibasket, tennis, paddle tennis, volleyball ...). Installation using Sportplus and Sportlife systems.

Flooring for playgrounds: Rubber flooring for playgrounds available in various colors. Easy to install and optimal for use with children and extensive outdoor durability.

Gym tatamis: We also install fixed tatamis in gyms, using polyurethane foam and plasticized canvas in one piece.

Multisport or multi-game tracks: In addition to the floor or pavement we are also distributors of multisport tracks with HPL panels. Specially prepared for the practice of soccer, basketball, tennis, handball, volleyball, badminton, Brazilian soccer, futsal, hockey, etc.

Sale of tatami puzzle

Distributors of tatami puzzle detachable and easy assembly without adhesives. Several thicknesses are available depending on employability or activity:

Tatami puzzle of 2 cm: Domestic use, activities with children, gymnastics ...

Tatami puzzle of 2.5 cm: Employee for martial arts training, gymnastics room, multiocio, multigame or gym.

Tatami puzzle of 4 cm: Its most widespread use is as a fall zone, for example in martial arts such as judo.

All parts have a final finish, easy to assemble and disassemble. Fully durable 1 x 1m plates. Composed of Ethylene High Density Vinyl Acetate, non-conductive of electricity. They are usually served in reversible red and blue, although other colors may be available for availability.

Consult budget according to units, plate thickness and delivery destination.

Company specialized in the sale of sports equipment and equipment for all audiences. Both individuals and professionals (gyms, nurseries, schools, educational centers ...)


Sports Floors

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