Sport Hall Dividing Curtains

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Manufacturers of separating curtains for sports halls or any other sports facility, made of fireproof material with which to separate several playing courts. With these curtains to separate environments, you will take advantage of the sports area, assimilating the noise, creating differentiated spaces and avoiding hitting or passing balls, flyers or balls from one track to another.

Whether you are looking for a manual or motorized dividing curtain we will provide you with a budget without obligation. Being able to choose the color of the curtain, as well as other specifications according to your needs.

We are manufacturers and distributors, with differentiated price rates according to their sector of activity. Counting on specialized assemblers for the installation of said curtain separating environments.

In addition to track divisions know our ...

Sports protection nets

We can inform you and serve a wide variety of custom net meshes, of different thicknesses or characteristics, accompanied by galvanized posts. Background protection nets for soccer fields, golf courses, pavilions or any other sports facility. There are several options or utilities: placed metal post envelopes, as a curtain or ceiling. With which it will prevent soccer, basketball or volleyballs, among other examples, from leaving sports facilities or hitting users.

Manufacturers and distributors of all types of professional sports equipment and equipment.

Sports covers

Manufacturers, distributors and installers of custom sports covers. Each deck for tennis, paddle tennis courts or any other sports discipline, such as futsal or handball, is made of aluminum structure and PVC cover. You will get better performance to your tracks protecting them from the weather (sun, rain ...). It will be the easiest way to roof the area you indicate.

We will adapt to the characteristics of the land, installation without work, totally resistant and durable.

Regarding the PVC ceiling you can choose the color, as well as if you want to screen print some type of advertising or logo of your facilities.

Manufacture, distribution and installation of sports equipment and equipment for all audiences. Custom work.


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