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If you want to buy dumbbells, rubber or iron discs for hoist bars, Olympic material, vinyl weights, kettlebell or kettlebell weights or brackets, medicine balls, among other materials for your gym or for the home gym, we will provide you with the budget of the free weights that best suit your needs.

Training with free weights allow us great freedom when it comes to physical exercise, in terms of movements and body parts or muscles to work. Providing us with more entertaining, enjoyable and fun workouts, both individually and in collective classes.

In addition to the training material you will find in our online store, we are distributors of all types of sports equipment. So we advise you, and we will inform you of the discounts and promotions available at any time in our online store.

Consult special discounts for professionals in the sector.

Distributor of sports equipment for gyms.


Free weight and Supports

Buy Free Weights: Dumbbells, Discs, Bars, kettlebell