Personal Accessories for the Gym

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We include all personal accessories for sports in the gym such as weightlifting gloves, fitness or weightlifting and cargo belts, speed and rope combs, anklets and weighted wristbands, weighted vests ... That is, all the material for athletes in gyms that, due to hygiene and adaptability, each person must have their own. In other categories you will find chronometers and pulsometers, neoprene protections, textile, we indicate by way of example: calzonas, sports shirts, thermal clothing, tracksuits ...

Sale of personal equipment to exercise in the gym for women and men.
Online store with sales to stores, distributors, professionals in the sports world and to private athletes.
Complete your workouts with these fitness items! We propose them as original and practical gift ideas.


Fitness Accessories

Personal Accessories for the Gym. Items for Gyms