Weight Training Benches

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Sale of gym benches for gyms for professional or home use. Distributors of training benches with online store and shipping throughout Spain (Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Toledo, Segovia, Salamanca, Valencia, Alicante, Navarra, Malaga ...).
Among our models you can find folding abdominal bench, stretching, lumbar, Sissi Squat, for lifting bars with discs, to work arms with dumbbells, trasnuca, bench press ...
If you want to buy a rugged and compact gym bench this is your online store. You can check our prices, discounts and promotions for individuals if you want to exercise in your home or for gyms. We also have advice regarding the distribution or needs that may arise in gym equipment.
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Training benches

The training benches will allow us to perform exercises in an easy and efficient way, depending on the model we have in our facilities will have different utilities. As a rule, the weight bench allows us to work a wide variety of muscles, both legs and arms or abdominal muscles, among others.
These workouts can be done with lifting bars of discs or dumbbells, as well as if no complement or accessory.
They are very complete devices that take up little space so their use is very widespread both in gyms and at home, when you want to perform bodybuilding exercises.

Benches for home gymnastics

If you want to buy a home fitness machine with which to perform barbell, dumbbell, abdominal lifting exercises ... any of our home gym benches will be a good option. In addition to being versatile, as we mentioned in the previous section, they occupy little space, being able to be both fixed and folding.

If you need information or do not locate the bench you are looking for, we will advise you and provide you with the best available price.
These and other fitness and fitness equipment with which to train from our own gym available in our online store.
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