Official Basketball Baskets

The PVP of our basket baskets includes the set of two units.

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In our online sports equipment store you will find professional basketball baskets, manufactured according to official measures and regulations. For both exterior and interior in schools, sports centers, clubs, tracks or courts in parks and for professional use in competitions.

We are manufacturers of the Coade brand, in which we can highlight the following totally resistant and safe references:

Fixed basketball baskets: Anchored to the pavement by anchor plate under concrete. Manufactured in sturdy central pole monotube that will support the metal board base.
Mobile or portable basketball baskets: Regarding its metal structure we have several options: central pole, structural and competition monotube. As well as with several options in terms of mobility: Movable with two wheels and car or four wheels. All models have levelers to regulate the basket in play position.
Basketball baskets on the roof: Suspended to the roof, they will be perfect for using the track of a pavilion or sports deck for various sports. Thanks to its engine with remote control or dashboard these can be raised comfortably and effortlessly.
Basketball baskets to the wall: Foldable to the wall, the metal structure of the basket is fixed to the wall of the pavilion and can be folded on it.

Depending on the model of the basket, it is usual to have an exit of 1.65 meters, with the exit being optional at 2.25 or 3.25 meters in the case of our competition basket.

PVP: Includes two units.
You can also visit our minibasket category.

Anches Sports, manufacturers of sports equipment in Spain with an online store for sale to all audiences. Consult the price list for professionals, possible modifications, color changes or any item you do not find on our website. Available on this website counterweight drawers, padded protectors, basket / minibasket adapters, among other accessories or complements for them.

The service of assembly of baskets to the ceiling is one of the most demanded, we will provide budget to any point of Spain. How can Jaén, Murcia, Cuenca, Navarra, La Rioja, Ourense, Guadalajara, Valladolid, Canary Islands ...
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Professional Basketball Baskets

All our references of the Coade brand are regulatory manufactured under the regulations and regulatory measures. Totally safe they can be used in any type of sports facility.
Being manufacturers we can adapt to your needs, for example if you need the basket to be served in a certain color (red, green, blue, orange, white, yellow ...).

Check our price list for professionals, we will inform you of the rate applicable to your activity (construction, distributor, event company, town halls, schools, sports clubs ...).

Models with free shipping, shipping included in the Spanish peninsula in orders over € 242 *.


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