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Ball basketball Molten brand at a great price, with the following features: moulding, with twelve panels, rubber and butyl camera coating. It has official weight and measure, as well as grainy for a better grip surface.
Available different sizes (3, 5, 6 and 7) according to the category for which is to be used. It will be perfect for schools and sports clubs or any other activity.
Available: mini-basketball.

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Basketball ball brand Molten

Ball basketball with measures and official weights, with the following characteristics:

  • Molding.
  • It has twelve panels.
  • Rubber coating.
  • Butyl camera.
  • Granulated to a greater fastening surface.
  • Utility: for playground and physical education in schools, extracurricular activities, sports clubs, training classes...
  • Brand: Molten.

We have different sizes available for different categories. You must choose one of the following options:

  • Size 3: For BabyBasket. Children under 8 years.
  • Size 5: Category minibasket. FRY and Benjamin both male and female
  • Size 6: Category senior women, junior, Cadet, infantil. 12 years and over
  • Size 7: Category male senior, junior, Cadet, infantil.12 onwards.
  • Check availability for balls of basket of natural leather, low-budget.

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