Basketball Material

The PVP of our basket baskets includes the set of two units.

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In Anches Sports, an online store of regulatory basketball equipment, we are manufacturers of basketball sports equipment under the regulations in force for any type of sports facility (pavilions, sports decks, outdoor courts or courts, sports centers, clubs, schools ... ).

As manufacturers, we have a price list for professionals, just as we can paint the product in the color that best suits the needs of the facilities, be it white, blue, green, red or any other color. Being manufacturers, we can also serve you any type of auxiliary structure for the installation of your baskets, as well as assembly service of our sports equipment in sports facilities, both national (Spain) and international.

In this category you will find:

- Fixed, mobile basketball baskets, folding to the wall and suspended to the ceiling by motor.
- Fixed and portable minibasket baskets.
- Boards, hoops, adapters for basket / minibasket regulation and other accessories for baskets.
- Others: Basketball sports equipment

In Anches Sports we are manufacturers of Coade brand regulatory sports equipment, providing personalized advice for individuals and professionals in the sector, we will provide you with a personalized quote according to the needs of the sports facilities and their users.
We carry out assembly service nationwide (Malaga, Jaen, Alicante, Murcia, Gerona, Zamora, Guipuzcua, Valladolid, Badajoz, Canary Islands ...) and internationally, on a budget.


Manufacturers of regulatory minibasket material manufactured under the corresponding regulatory regulations. In our online store we have regulatory metal minibasket baskets, boards, nets, balls and other equipment necessary for the practice of this sport. As well as for the adequacy of the installation: dividing curtains, substitute benches, changing room benches, among other references.

Perfect for use in schools, sports centers, sports courts or any other sports facility for use with children or youth / adolescents to be safe, resistant and durable.

Like the rest of the references we manufacture and distribute, the minibasket sports equipment has a price list for professionals.
If you do not locate what you are looking for in our online store, we will provide you with a budget with characteristics and corresponding price for your sector of activity.



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